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Brown And Lovely Hard Enamel Pin

Brown And Lovely Hard Enamel Pin

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Brown And Lovely is a stunning little enamel pin that celebrates our skin. We've been told all our lives that we're "too dark" to be beautiful - but it's time to take a stand, and proudly claim our heritage. This pin was designed with my daughter in mind, and all the little girls like her, who deserve to be made to feel special in their lovely brownness. Featuring a Desi woman, wearing a red maang tikka (jewelry worn in the parting of her hair), and red jhumkas (earrings), nathni (nose ring), and necklace, this lady is ready to take on the world.

My enamel pins are designed to be cultural wearable art. Fantastic as an accessory for your outfit or tote bag, it also makes for an excellent, uplifting stocking stuffer, Diwali gift, Eid gift, or even a birthday gift for a desi (Indian, Punjabi, Pakistani, Nepali, Bangla, etc) woman.

✧ Pin measures 25 mm at it's widest point.

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